What If There's a

3-Simple Step Process

That Will Help You Jumpstart on Creating Wealth Through Cryptocurrency?

Are you looking for a Proven System That Can Help You Generate Consistently Profitable Results Through Cryptocurrency?

​Who Is

Jonathan Tinoco?

Jonathan Tinoco is an educator, a trainer, a public speaker, a cryptocurrency advocate, a cryptocurrency influencer, investor and social media influencer whose advocacy is people empowerment and wealth creation.  He has provided sales and motivational training to various companies through the years but, for the last 5 years, he has concentrated on cryptocurrency trading and investing.

He is the CEO of Museigen Training Academy Inc. and Founder of Income Builders Empire, whose aim is to teach people how they can participate and profit from the growing cryptocurrency market.  Income Builders Empire has already turned out graduates who have gone on to have consistent and profitable trading results in cryptocurrency using the techniques he taught and today, he aims to entice you to take that first step. He loves to travel the world and he is very passionate to share with you his experience.

People Who Inspire Me in My Journey

People who inspire me in my journey



Mentoring and Coaching Session

Learn how to INVEST in cryptocurrency by acquiring the proper foundation that will help you produce the results and the income you desire.

BUILD and establish an empire of income streams through cryptocurrency using 3-simple steps.

EMPOWER “YOURSELF” by having a support and mentoring group that will guide you through the process.



Discover How to Make Money Through Cryptocurrency Using a Simple 3-Step Process

Are you still stuck and still asking yourself how to really get started in cryptocurrency after attending so many different cryptocurrency events and spending a lot of money in buying different courses?

I’ve spent a lot of time and money to learn and bring to you these tools that will ultimately help you establish a money machine and, by using this system, you’ll be able to discover how to build wealth through cryptocurrency.

Are you ready to discover this?


Discover How to Master the Art of Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing Using "3D System"

Did you know that being a techie is not the first thing you need to acquire to jumpstart your career on how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency? 

What if I tell you that there are simple and proven methods that will help you eliminate the difficulties enabling you to start this process?

Here's What Our Graduates are Saying About Our Programs

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