Income Builders Empire is an online brand and a support group owned by Museigen Training Academy Inc., a duly registered company in the Philippines, that aims to teach people how they can participate and profit from the growing cryptocurrency market.

We worked and partnered with international and local groups, companies, top brands, organizers, startups, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and advocates, professional traders and investors, cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers.

We also work with OFW’s, Freelancers, Businessman/Businesswomen, Online Entrepreneurs,  Employees, and Students who are looking for ways on how to increase their income and generate consistent profitable results through the latest trends and technologies in the cryptocurrency industry.

Income Builders Empire has already turned out graduates who have gone on to have consistent profitable results. 

Income Builders Empire teaches and mentors people on how to potentially earn and generate consistent profitable results using a simple 3-step process. Using this system, we were able to help our clients and our students to achieve their goals.

Income Builders Empire offers Seminars, Workshops, Bootcamps, One on One Coaching Sessions, Online Coaching Sessions and Support Groups that could help someone to jumpstart their process on learning different ways on how to make money through cryptocurrency. We aims to create successful Entrepreneurs, Traders, and Investors in the field of Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing. We also help in organizing cryptocurrency and  blockchain related events locally and internationally. 

Our Office is located at Nook G/F Molito Lifestyle Center Bldg. 8 Madrigal Avenue, Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa

Our Mission:  To create well-trained disciplined, long term consistent and profitable traders and investors in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Our Vision: To create a new breed of successful entrepreneurs using the power of the internet that will contribute to economic growth and development.