Mentoring and Coaching Session

Be guided while building connections with fellow Graduates and Coaches

A 12 month program that will guide you through your cryptopreneurship journey and get support from your Crypto Tribe - Income Builders Empire. We will help you achieve your goals and positive results along with previous and successful graduates and coaches.

Why Join the Mentoring and Coaching Session?

  • A 12 month program for graduates who has gone through Mentoring for Mastery course and review all the modules available
  • A support group that will share with you proper training and follow the 3C System (Converge | Confirm | Command)
  • Collaborate with like-minded coaches and students that has achieved profitable and consistent trading results and who will share and pass down the techniques to enable you to achieve the same results

Review and Execute the Trading Strategies

  • Technical Analysis Indicators (Manage | Merge | Master) 
  • Use Different Trading Tools (Manage | Merge | Master (2)
  • Determine the Trend of the Market (Bullish or Bearish) (Plan | Determine | Position)
  • How to Analyze and Invest in Different Cryptocurrencies (Analyze | Invest | Profit) 
  • How to Use Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms (Verify | Explore | Trade)
  • How to Analyze the Cryptocurrency Market and Generate Consistent Profitable Results (The 3C System - Converge | Confirm | Command)

our Successful Graduates

Catherine Lucero

"Coach Jonathan explains everything from the beginning really simply. A highly knowledgeable and passionate teacher with real up-to-date and relevant information, and he makes listening and learning a pleasant task."

Harley Cruz

"I can say I am more than satisfied. At first I was worried everything will be taught on a single day , but this was not the case. Coach Jonathan Tinoco definitely understands a person's learning process: not everything can be taught or understood on a single day. It is supposed to be gradual."

These are just some of our graduates testimonials.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from time to time. Do not take this as financial advice, you should do your own research as always. 

Note: The Mentoring and Coaching Session is exclusive for our students who have enrolled in our workshop / program - Mentoring for Mindsetting for Mastery

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