Mentoring for Mindsetting and Mastery

Looking for a tried and tested trading and investing system?

Take your next step into your cryptopreneurship journey that will help you better understand the volatile world of cryptocurrencies and have a system that will give you consistent and profitable results.

What's in it for you on this Masterclass?

  • Basic Tools you must have to start your cryptopreneurship journey (Prepare | Create | Activate)
  • Platforms on where to Buy and Sell Bitcoins (Deposit | Convert | Transfer)
  • How to Setup your tools on tradingview and cryptocurrency exchange platforms (Create | Customize | Configure) 
  • Learn How to Protect your funds from hackers using hardware wallets 
  • 8 Ways to Earn through Cryptocurrencies
  • Psychology of Trading

Modules that will Guide you through your Cryptopreneurship Journey

  • Technical Analysis Indicators (Manage | Merge | Master) 
  • Use Different Trading Tools (Manage | Merge | Master (2)
  • Determine the Trend of the Market (Bullish or Bearish) (Plan | Determine | Position)
  • How to Analyze and Invest in Different Cryptocurrencies (Analyze | Invest | Profit) 
  • How to Use Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms (Verify | Explore | Trade)
  • How to Analyze the Cryptocurrency Market and Generate Consistent Profitable Results (The 3C System - Converge | Confirm | Command)


Catherine Lucero

"Coach Jonathan explains everything from the beginning really simply. A highly knowledgeable and passionate teacher with real up-to-date and relevant information, and he makes listening and learning a pleasant task."

Harley Cruz

"I can say I am more than satisfied, at first I was worried everything will be taught on a single day but this was not the case. Coach Jonathan Tinoco definitely understands a person's learning process, not everything can be taught or understood on a single day, it is supposed to be gradual."

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